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Outstanding Office Space For Rent

Are you searching for affordable office space for rent in Parsippany? If so, then look no further than the innovative shared workspaces offered by SkyDesk. We offer the industry-leading coworking office space in your area, and we would love to show you the perks of renting from us. Our office spaces feature all of the amenities you would expect to find in a traditional corporate setting, and they provide freedom and a unique working environment that is sure to suit a wide variety of professionals. Whether you are a startup entrepreneur or you are a small business owner, you’ll find everything you need in our office space for rent.

There are many ways in which a modern and professional office space can benefit your business. From creating a professional image for your business and allowing you to have a healthy work-life balance to providing you with all of the tools and technology you need to hit the ground running on a major project, your business is sure to prosper when you find the right office space.

However, finding the right office space is the key — any old office space simply won’t do.



Up-and-coming professionals love renting office space from SkyDesk. Regardless of where you are on your professional journey, we are confident that you’ll find an office space that will help your business grow and thrive.

Our shared workspaces in Parsippany offer much more than just a single office with a name plaque on the door. This antiquated mentality doesn’t benefit anyone, let alone today’s modern workers. We offer office rentals that are designed to best suit and accommodate our renters, providing you with all of the tools and technology you need to develop the culture and community that you want for your business.

Work on Your Schedule

While some individuals work best with a nine-to-five work schedule, there are many other people who are more productive later in the evening or who enjoy a more flexible work day. Additionally, there are individuals who think that you’re not giving your business your all unless until you’re heading into the office at 3 or 4 a.m. When you rent from SkyDesk, you can enjoy access to your workspace 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That means that you get to work when you want on your terms, making the most of you and your team’s productivity. This is the least that we can do to help you pave the road to success.

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Office space rentals from SkyDesk are not your average cookie-cutter-style workspaces. They include all of the amenities you need to be efficient and productive, and many can be configured to your needs. We offer plenty of individual offices for your crew, and we are also happy to provide you with open-space concepts that can be custom-configured with cubicles. If your team thrives on group interaction, then we can also accommodate your need for a space that is open.

Of course, you can expect that each of our shared workspaces features high-speed internet with Wi-Fi, professional office printers, and other amenities to ensure you and your team are as comfortable as possible. Whether you own a thriving business or you’re just getting your feet wet in business ownership, we provide a foundation for your success.

In addition to individual offices, our office spaces feature state-of-the-art conference rooms so that you can give professional, collaborative multimedia presentations.

  • Pay as you go plans- month to month
  • no fees
  • offices come fully furnished
  • high speed internet
  • printer
  • kitchen with water coffee tea
  • 24/7 access
  • windowed offices
  • meeting/conference room
  • mail and packaged delivery
  • 24/7 member support
  • Free Parking

SkyDesk also offers many social benefits that you’ll love. Good company culture is at the heart of every successful business. Unfortunately, many freelancers or solo entrepreneurs miss out on this when they work from home. This is often the demise of many small businesses and solo freelancers. Renting an office allows you to socialize with other professionals, feel like you are a part of a team, and it can help you avoid becoming a hermit in your home office.

Working out of a home office has its perks, but it can also be incredibly stressful if you have a difficult time separating your work and home life, or if you have to meet with clients on a regular basis. Renting an office space allows you to easily separate work from home, and it provides you with a professional environment in which you can meet with clients. Gone are the days of having business meetings in your living room, and you no longer have to worry about clients having your home address.

Having a dedicated office not only allows you to look more professional, but it also ensures that your business set up is in a completely different location. That alone is enough for most people.

Remember, office expenses are tax-deductible. Business expenses that are tied to an actual office are easier to defend than those that are associated with your home.


There are many reasons you should consider renting an office. First and foremost, working from home is not always ideal. Renting an office is often incredibly healthy and many find that it actually boosts productivity, reducing the amount of stress that comes along with trying to separate home and work when you work out of your home. A modern off-site office exudes professionalism, which is critical for all aspects of business.

Additionally, finding an office space for rent in Parsippany that has a convenient location is essential. Doing so ensures that you can make new business connections, surround yourself with like-minded people, and enjoy all of the other perks that a well-located office can provide.

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